Apple STILL Doesn't Have an APA Template for Pages?

I am back in school, and that means research papers, hooray.  I am being smarter about it all these days though–templates and citation management software are definitely the way to go! It would sure be nice if Apple would include templates for the major paper formats with their word processor.  And all the ones I could find that others had posted were either not really templates, or got the formatting wrong. So I created one based off of their research paper template that references the latest rules at Purdue.  I couldn’t have done it so quickly if it weren’t for this great tutorial over at the Mac Law Students website, thanks for the handy write-up.
Update Dec. 14, 2013:
- I have added a template for Pages 5, (most recent version as of Dec. 2013.) The format of the templates is different (it is actually a directory and not just a single file so it is distributed as a ZIP file.)
- The Pages 9 version has an error in the formatting, the references section has an incorrect hanging margin indent for the second line (it should be .5”). See here for specific rules. The pages 5 template below does not have this error.

So, if you came here looking for a free APA template for Pages, try this one out and let me know if it works for you: